historical procession    

“To the Court of Federico II” is not only a simple historical commemoration, but the party of a community that confirms its own identity and appropriates of its roots.
The popular involvement makes alive and genuine the historical reconstruction of this particular fancy-dress demonstration.
In this party the history also relives instant after instant in the smallest gestures, in the expressions of the faces, in the shades and in the stones of the castle, in the roads, in the whole community.
Hundred fancy-dress on lookers recreate the atmosphere involving the visitor that becomes witness of the events and protagonist, confusing himself among the alleys of the country, attending the inns, conversing with the people and admiring the objects of the local artistic craftmanship.


The demonstration begins next to the botanical garden of the country where occurs the scene of emperor Federico II’s arrival. Here the Lord and the nobles of the suburb greet the emperor and the procession begins. In the great courtyard of the castle occurs a show with fancy-dress men waving flags and jugglers, while a voice tells the history of the great emperor. Subsequently in the space opposite the castle it takes place a demonstration of medieval archers and in the place known as “Acqua fetente” a demonstration of hunting with the falcon. In the evening in the square of the suburb well-prepared as a medieval market, handicraft products are sold and the visitors can attend the jugglers’shows and can taste medieval typical products. In the square a “gazebo” will be prepared also for didactic lessons on the falconery.
The demonstration ends with the regard of the emperor and his following withdrawal in his rooms.
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